The School Day

School Organisation

Our school is organised into three parts:

Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)


School Times

The school’s hours are:

8.40 am – the outside doors are opened. Pupils should not arrive before this time.

8.50 am – school begins and lessons start promptly.

10.00-10.15 am – mid-morning break for Foundation.

10.15-10.30 am – mid-morning break for KS1.

10.40-10.55 am – mid-morning break for KS2.

12.00 pm – lunchtime.

1.00 pm – afternoon session begins.

2.30-2.45 pm – KS1 afternoon break.

3.15 pm – end of school.


Collective Worship

Acts of Collective Worship (referred to as ‘assemblies’) are very much part of our school life. They provide an opportunity to enhance the community life and atmosphere of the school. Assemblies are used to illustrate and embed the values and principles which underpin the Damers ethos. It is important all staff and children are involved in whole school assemblies however a child can be withdrawn if their parents have made a special request on grounds of faith. At Damers we have whole school, key stage and year group assemblies.

9.00-9.30 am Monday and 2.30-3.00 pm Friday – whole school assembly.

These are usually led by the Headteacher and are a celebration and reflection of our Jigsaw themes that promote good relationships and citizenship.