Butterfly Award – Conrad Stanley

On Friday Sir Oliver Letwin came to visit our school and Sir Oliver had the absolute privilege of joining a couple of Year 4 children for his lunch. As a Headteacher I could not have felt prouder of Conrad Stanley as he chatted confidently to Sir Oliver about our school ethos and his own responsibilities both within the school and within the world as a whole. Throughout this conversation, which did become politely heated at times (!), Conrad demonstrated the brightest spreading of Damers wings that we could hope to see! He positively beamed when talking about the role of Family Dining within our school and how much he has enjoyed helping both his peers and the younger children. He also gave Sir Oliver some further advice about environmental issues and how these were everyone’s responsibility now, rather than simply being a popular temporary topic or the focus of a club.

Conrad you are the perfect example of a Damers Butterfly and what a pleasure it was to see you in action during your lunch appointment on Friday – well done!