Speaking and Listening

speakingA common feature of Damers First School is the importance we place on communication. Our school has provision for 18 children in our specialist Speech and Language Base and our aim is to enable every child access to our exciting and inclusive curriculum. In our school no one is left behind.

The Damers ‘Big Project’ 2013/14 will see a positive impact on all pupils and enable speaking and listening to be used as a vehicle for learning across the curriculum.

Of all the brilliant skills we develop at school, the ability to communicate effectively is the one that has the most profound and potentially positive impact on our lives. The amount and quality of talk that children experience in the early years is a good predictor of how well they will do in school. We know that teaching children how to use talk to think together can improve their commitment to learning and their educational attainment.

Watch this space to find out how you can get involved at home and at school in our fantastic new project to improve the learning at Damers.