Damers Learning Model

learning-model-image-understand-webOver the last few years we have developed a model of learning to help us to plan for breadth and depth in our curriculum. Drawing upon the theory of Bloom’s Taxonomy, we wanted a model that encouraged higher order thinking in line with the expectations of the new National Curriculum.

We are now looking at a much broader approach to learning where children access a range of opportunities to really apply new skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts and through the extension of their thinking. If they can apply a newly taught skill using some of the thinking encouraged by the segments of our Learning Model, then we say that they have truly mastered that learning.

Summed up by Hazel who was in Year 3 at the time,

It is a series of words that teachers use to help children learn when they are asking questions.

Children at Damers have enjoyed becoming familiar with the language of the Learning Model. They put themselves in the teachers’ shoes by planning activities for younger children using the Learning Model. Some great ideas have been shared throughout the school and these have shown staff how well our children understand the new vocabulary.

The Learning Model is visible in each classroom but most importantly we hope that you will see the elements of it coming through in your child’s talk and their work.

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