Harmony Curriculum 2022-23

Enquiries of Learning

At Damers we are planning our learning to bring together different subject skills and knowledge and apply them throughout enquiry based projects.  An enquiry based approach to learning develops the ability to ask questions, to research and generate useful knowledge, and to explore ways of answering the questions raised.

If we are to create a healthier, more sustainable future, we have to question and challenge what we currently do and look for ways to improve it.

We want learning to impact on our  pupils’ thinking and actions to enable them to focus on issues at a school, community or global level. These enquiries are planned to link with the natural cycles of the seasons and to open up a journey of meaningful exploration.



Sequence of Learning – Yearly Overview


Click the links below to view the current sequence of learning for an enquiry for each year group

Autumn 1


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Autumn 2






Spring 1






Spring 2






Summer 1






Summer 2