Golden Ticket – 28th Feb



This week we have been thinking about making friends for the first time. Molly and Harry acted as fantastic role models for us all in assembly, showing all the different things that we can do to make someone feel happy and relaxed when they first meet us and then how we can ensure that we find out more about each other, what we have in common and how we can start to build a friendship.

So many children in our school make fantastic friends but the following children are particularly skilled at being warm, welcoming and interested in the new children that they meet. They all then go on to make many lasting friendships.
Well done to …

Jake – Grayling 1,  Tilly – Meadow 1, Owen – Skipper 1, Riley – Grayling 2, Milena – Meadow 2, Olivia – Skipper 2, Pheobe – Grayling 3,  Charlotte – Meadow 3, Marcus – Skipper 3, Amy – Grayling 4, Leah – Meadow 4, Liam – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!