Golden Ticket – 6th March



Whilst we have been focused on the positive side of friendships we have also thought about what we need to do when things go wrong with our friends this week. We have all agreed that disagreements and disputes can be healthy and that sometimes we have to express a difference of opinion if we see or feel something that we don’t feel comfortable with.

The following children have shown how skilled they are at solving friendship problems when they occur and help to make our school an even happier place.
Well done to …

Ria – Grayling 1,  Benjamin – Meadow 1, Aiden – Skipper 1, Ben – Grayling 2, Aoife – Meadow 2, Georgie – Skipper 2, Caitlin – Grayling 3,  Kady – Meadow 3, Mackenzie – Skipper 3, Louis – Grayling 4, Sofia – Meadow 4, Gabriela – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!