Golden Ticket – 7th Feb



This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week and we have been exploring the theme ‘Find Your Brave’. In assembly we talked about the meaning of the word ‘brave’ and how it can be evident in many different situations. 

We realised that one of the most difficult times to ‘find our brave’ was when we wanted to share our worries or concerns with other people. We all agreed however that when we did this, things always seemed a little easier.
The following children are always there to help others to ‘find their brave’ and recognise the helping hand that can be offered by the trusted adults that surround them.

Well done to …

Bessie – Grayling 1,  Leia – Meadow 1, Adam & Finley – Skipper 1, Ryan – Grayling 2, Eliza – Meadow 2, Tyler – Skipper 2, Macy & Eve – Grayling 3,  Lexi – Meadow 3, Oscar – Skipper 3, Felix – Grayling 4, Melissa – Meadow 4, Brooke – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!