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Golden Ticket Winners – 11th October



This week we have been celebrating all those children within our community who care about other peoples’ feelings and work well with others. In assembly we talked about how easy it can be sometimes to just think about looking after yourself but the following children have shown us that they ensure that the feelings of other children are just as important as their own.

Well done to …

Katie – Grayling 1,  Austin – Meadow 1, Ellis – Skipper 1, Isabella – Grayling 2, Piran – Meadow 2, Cohen – Skipper 2, Zoe – Grayling 3, Alecia – Meadow 3, Joe – Skipper 3, Natasha – Grayling 4, Leila – Meadow 4, Joseph – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!