Golden Ticket Winners – 21st September



This week we have been thinking about everyone’s right to learn and how we can make sure that everyone around us enjoys the amazing learning opportunities that are available in our school. We thought about our Roots and Shoots pledges and how we are always on the lookout for ways to make our learning community and environment even better.

The following children made a great contribution to their class’s ideas and helped to ensure that their class’s pledge for this term will help to make Damers First School an EVEN BETTER place to learn!
Well done to …

Shienne – Grayling 1,  Holly – Meadow 1, Charlie – Skipper 1, Caitlin – Grayling 2, Seb – Meadow 2, Mackenzie – Skipper 2. Jaden – Grayling 3, Phoebe – Meadow 3, Jesse – Skipper 3, Henri – Grayling 4, Molly & Rufus – Meadow 4, Chloe – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!