Golden Ticket Winners – 24th January



This week we have been thinking about the principle of ‘interdependence’ and how important it is that we work together and support each other whilst trying to reach our goals. We looked at examples from nature and the performing arts and realised that if one part of a whole stops working with the others, then things can go wrong. Mrs Smith set us a challenge in assembly using stepping stones and although the challenge sounded impossible at first, we realised that we could achieve it through communication, collaboration and supportive teamwork and we got there in the end!

The following children are always there to lend a helping hand and words of kindness and support when their friends face a challenge, working together to help themselves and their friends to reach their goals.

Well done to …

Jack – Grayling 1,  Jack – Meadow 1, Zac – Skipper 1, Emrys – Grayling 2, Catherine – Meadow 2, Leo – Skipper 2, Imogen – Grayling 3,  Chloe – Meadow 3, Will – Skipper 3, Amelia – Grayling 4, Danny – Meadow 4, Oliver – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!