Golden Ticket Winners – 27th Sept



This week felt like the ideal time to look at our new Class Pledges as we have been looking at how we can help to make things even better within our community. The children shared some incredibly exciting plans which I am sure you will hear about or see in action during this term.

The following children have shown us that they recognise how important it is to work as a team and to support each other whilst trying to make things even better for everyone within and around our school. They will play a vital role in ensuring that their Class Pledges work their community magic!
Well done to …

Alisa – Grayling 1,  Amelia – Meadow 1, Arlo – Skipper 1, Arlo – Grayling 2, Lucy – Meadow 2, Maia – Skipper 2, Cohan – Grayling 3, Ayla – Meadow 3, Wiktoria – Skipper 3, Merley – Grayling 4, Ruqayya – Meadow 4, Eve – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!