Golden Ticket Winners – 31st January



This week we all shared our class pledges for the spring term and we felt genuinely inspired by each others’ ideas. Examples included Grayling 4’s focus on helping the wildlife that has been affected by the fires in Australia, Skipper 4’s determination to address the water that is wasted in our school grounds and Skipper 1’s mission to create more butterfly havens in the Year 1 garden. Every class had a fantastic idea and shared their understanding of interdependence in order to reach their goals.

The following children have shown us the important role that they play within our school when it comes to supporting others. They all maintain an admirable positive attitude and help their friends to remain positive and focused on their goals too, even when it feels a little tough.

Well done to …

Elsie – Grayling 1,  Isla – Meadow 1, Marley  – Skipper 1, Noah – Grayling 2, Harry – Meadow 2, Charlie – Skipper 2, Haarith – Grayling 3,  Louie – Meadow 3, Ivy – Skipper 3, Lexi – Grayling 4, Ollie – Meadow 4, Iona – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!