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Golden Ticket Winners – 7th June



This week saw the start of our new ‘Changing Me’ theme and as an introduction to this theme we have been thinking about how unique and special we all are.

The following children have shown us how proud they are of their unique characteristics and how skilled they are at recognising special qualities in others.
Well done to …

Hetvi – Grayling 1,  Matthew – Meadow 1, Lilliana – Skipper 1, Macy – Grayling 2, Luana – Meadow 2, Ella – Skipper 2, Kacey – Grayling 3, Ale – Meadow 3, Jensen – Skipper 3, Rose – Grayling 4, Jemima & Callum – Meadow 4, Jasmine – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!