Vision, Aims and Values



At Damers First School we strive to nurture an inclusive community of respectful, collaborative learners who are encouraged to constantly achieve their very best. We empower all learners to make valuable contributions both locally and globally and to enjoy and benefit from a lifelong love of learning.



All of our aims are underpinned by our core values. Our values are very important to us and direct our work every day. They enable us to ensure that we continuously do our best for each child and family in our school community. Our values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, about society and about learning and knowledge …











Following a consultation with representatives from our whole school community in the spring term 2016 it was agreed that our current school logo didn’t strongly reflect the ethos, aims and values of our school and would need to be updated before our move. Our new school logo was introduced in September 2016.

So why the butterfly?

Although it was widely agreed that children should be at the heart of the design, it was agreed that this would need to be a symbolic representation in order to avoid stereotypes or a non-inclusive image. The butterfly is an image that was reflected in a number of children’s drawings. We feel that it reflects our ultimate vision, aims and values both as parents and educators and our aspiration to give our children the wings to fly both now and in later life.

The logo has been purposefully designed as a non-symmetrical butterfly to reflect diversity and the inclusion of all forms of non-conventionality in our school. It is also a symbol of bold creativity linked with curriculum design, and of our love of and care for the natural world. The shapes can be interpreted in many ways, including the image of an adult and child. The four colours within the butterfly reflect our four strands which are named after Dorset butterfly species (Grayling, Skipper, Meadow and Chalkhill).

Our butterfly has been introduced at a significant time for our school, a time of transformation and new beginnings.