Volunteering at Damers

Volunteers from the community play an important role in supporting our children’s learning and help us provide children with a variety of different opportunities and experiences.  We actively welcome volunteers at our school as we know their range of skills and experiences enhances children’s learning.

 Our volunteers include:

  • Members of the Governing body
  • Members of the parent association
  • Parents of pupils
  • Local residents
  • Friends of the school

The types of activities that volunteers are engaged in include:

  • Hearing children read
  • Working with small groups of children
  • Working alongside individual children
  • Accompanying school visits
  • Sharing their skills/knowledge by talking to the class
  • Gardening
  • Supporting with swimming

If you would like to become a volunteer, either for a one off event or on a more regular basis follow the information in our quick guide to volunteering here.  You can find the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form here.