Golden Ticket Winners – 13th December


This week we have been thinking about Nelson Mandela and his role in helping people to live together in a more peaceful way. We have used this as our inspiration and have decided that Damers has a number of potential Nobel Peace Prize winners in the future!

Congratulations to:

Summer B1, Olivia R1, Matilda Y1, Hannah B2, Leo R2, Lillia Y2, 

Chloe B3, Carly R3, Charlotte Y3, Sophie B4, Mary-Anne R4, and Saskia Y4

who have all tried hard this week to sort out disagreements between friends and to find peaceful solutions. Enjoy your encounter with Disco Debs next week!

Golden Ticket Winners – 29th November


Congratulations to:

Ollie B1, Rhys R1, Layla Y1, Freddie B2, Arsalan R2, Stanley Y2, 

Isabelle B3, Rosie R3, Rebecca Y3, George B4, Jessica R4, and Shauna Y4

who have all won a Golden Ticket this week.  This week we have been thinking about looking after friends who are upset and ways that we can make them feel better. We had some lovely reasons why children were awarded Golden Tickets this week – one child was described by their class as being the ‘perfect friend’, children sharing hugs and words of comfort when others were upset and children making sure that their care for a friend lasted for the whole day.

Well done to all of you and enjoy your trip to the cafe next week – well deserved!

Planning the future together!

junior_govs_presentLast week representatives from all areas of our school community gathered together for the evening to look in detail at our school’s current aims and values and the School Development Plan.  The Junior Governors started the evening off with an incredibly confident presentation which showed their views on our school and this set the tone for a highly creative and productive evening in which parents, governors, teachers, middayinset_eve supervisors, support staff, cleaners and teaching assistants all highlighted areas in which they will be improving outcomes for the children in our school over the next year.  Many thanks to all who contributed and well done to Miss Barnes who won the prize for being the ‘lightbulb moment’ of the evening!

Golden Ticket Winners – 22nd November


This week has been ‘Anti-Bullying’ week and the Junior Governors came up with a plan and an assembly to introduce the idea of ‘Friendship Pals’. Every child and all the adults in school have had a Friendship Pal for the week and have been doing their best to make their friend feel good. There have been so many lovely acts of friendship, compliments and special messages, secret poems, chocolate treats …

Congratulations to:

Kieran B1, Billy R1, Matilda Y1, Rebecca B2, Charlotte R2, Ruby Y2, 

Louise B3, Mervin R3, Persis Y3, Kaya B4, Leo R4, and Toby Y4

who did a fantastic job of making their Friendship Pals feel good this week.