Butterfly Award – 2nd Dec

When we were first introduced to our Damers butterfly, a number of children and adults said that they thought that it looked like an image of an adult and a child, or an older child and a younger child. This week we have thought about this aspect of the butterfly and how it relates to the way we look after each other in school.

We have lots of older children who take on Playground Helper or Peer Mediator roles to help their younger friends during the lunchbreak. Our younger children adore them as both role models and friends and although they are all popular one helper in particular has created her own band of dedicated followers in Foundation. Matilda Sansom is known by her peers and by younger children as being one of the most kind and caring members of our school. Her gentle nature and sensitive ways have meant that our younger children feel safe in her company and actively seek her out whenever they can. There has even been a gathering around a photograph of her in the corridor where a group of Foundation children were excitedly talking about their friend Matilda!

Well done Matilda. Another perfect example of a Damers Butterfly.