Butterfly Award

Butterfly Award – Andrei Cranga

We often see beautiful butterflies emerging in Damers, sometimes they emerge early, sometimes they take a while, sometimes they stay close and sometimes they fly away and spread some Damers magic in far away places. 

Andrei Cranga was awarded our Butterfly Award this week. Andrei is a perfect example of a butterfly that has emerged early and we are all incredibly proud of him. Andrei brings sunshine wherever he goes and whilst we will miss him dearly at Damers we know that Romania has now welcomed back a very beautiful Damers butterfly. Good luck Andrei and congratulations from your Damers family.

DASP Citizen Award Ceremony 2017

On Tuesday evening 15 of our pupils attended the DASP Citizen Award Ceremony at the Thomas Hardye School. These pupils had been voted as outstanding DASP citizens by their peers. Each school made a video on the theme of celebrating DASP caterpillars in our schools – press play and you’ll hear all about it!


Butterfly Award Winner – 17th March

 Damers butterflies can emerge at any time, and sometimes they can take our breath away …

Every child in the school has been working with Des Alner (ceramic artist) over the last few weeks, creating a beautiful installation for our new school. Every element of our tree that has been created is beautiful but there was one creation that suddenly emerged that left us all speechless. 
Michelle Gill was working away quietly by herself creating a leaf and a flower, just like her friends, but as she stood back we were all stunned as we saw her creation of the most beautiful clay rose. 
What an understated but talented young lady you are Michelle and your beautiful rose will serve as a constant reminder to us all now of those amazing moments when a Damers butterfly emerges! 

Butterfly Award – 2nd March

Our Damers butterfly is a great reminder of how we grow and change during our time at Damers, and of how we emerge as a true learner. This could be the difference between how we first nervously tip our toe in the swimming pool and then eventually swim a length or maybe how we first attempt to hold a pencil and then eventually learn to write with beautiful joined handwriting.
As it was World Book Day on Thursday we decided to focus on the transformation that happens to us as readers during our time in school. We agreed that reading is really hard at the very beginning but once you learn how to do it it can transport you on adventures to many many places. Joe Jeff has emerged as an amazing ‘Reading Butterfly’ and is one of our stand-out members of our boys’ book clubs. Joe has persevered with his reading and can now get completely lost in a book. He is an inspiration to any struggling reader and if you watch him with a book in his hand you will see the true magic of reading! Well done Joe.