Year 1 Shadow Puppet Productions

The Year 1 film-makers are proud to share their amazing fairy-tale films. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Inspired by animator Lotte Reiniger, the children took on jobs including script-writing, puppet making, voice acting, puppeteering, and filming. Hollywood watch out, Damers are coming!

The Enormous Carrot


Little Red Riding Hood


Hansel and Gretel



Thank you all for joining us on ‘The Road to Rio’ and celebrating the amazing efforts that went into our carnival extravaganzas.  We were truly amazed by the colour and sounds, dancing and drumming, animation and voices.  It was such a triumphant event and showcased the talents of our children and how successfully high quality creative arts provision impacts on our learning.  It was lovely to see so many of you here supporting our school and even up on your feet testing out your Salsa moves!  Click on a thumbnail below to have a look at a few of our pictures.

Fighting the Romans!

celts1 celts2









Year 4 experienced what it was like to be one of three Celt tribes faced with the prospect of a Roman Invasion!  Mr. Schamroth ran a Drama Morning in which the children worked in role as Celts.  They had to elect their own chiefs and decide whether to surrender everything they had worked for in exchange for ‘peace’ with Roman army waiting for them over the hill.  It was a great session. All the children took the drama so seriously and thought, spoke and, in the end, fought like Celts!