Let’s Talk About Maths

talk_maths‘Talk For Maths’ encourages children to work together to solve maths problems, plus develop thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and creativity in their maths work. This will be one focus of our big whole school TALK project.

This cross-curricular approach will help us to reinforce and extend the skills that our children are already developing and embed speaking and listening skills using maths as a foundation. When children make conjectures, talk, question and agree and disagree about problems they discover important concepts. It is the communication with others that allows the necessary thinking to occur to explore a route to a solution.

Research suggests that children who reflect upon their learning and talk about it with others are in the best position to build relevant and useful connections in mathematics. Collaborative learning improves our understanding and promotes communication, thinking and knowledge.

Successful mathematical discourse helps us learn:

  • What words and symbols mean
  • How ideas link across topics
  • Why particular methods are successful
  • Why something is wrong
  • How you can solve problems more effectively

Our aim is for our children to be able to develop their skills in using language and use them as an effective tool for learning.