Outdoor Learning

At Damers First School we believe that outdoor learning promotes the wellbeing and holistic development of a child, enabling them to develop self confidence, resilience and the ability to problem solve. It is our intention that every child develops a love for the outdoors and also to develop their knowledge about their local environment and how to nurture and care for it.

Through outdoor learning, the children have the opportunity to experience learning in a different environment which is multisensory and often pupil led. Pupils have the opportunity to develop many skills through a hands-on and active approach. Pupils learn to assess and manage risk, develop a range of skills and also to problem solve all whilst embracing the challenges and joys that the outdoor environment has to offer. 

Wellbeing is an important aspect of outdoor learning and children are encouraged to develop their emotional literacy. Children are given opportunities to express how they feel through discussion and also through stories and responses to real events as they happen. Children are encouraged to work together and to talk in order to problem solve and achieve in their activities.


The outdoor environment can act as a rich stimulus for children with a constantly changing natural background. 


Looking at the geometry of nature encourages children to develop their observational skills and has an impact on their understanding and appreciation of nature. We encourage the children to look for the beauty in nature and to recreate this through their work. 

Forest School

Forest School gives children the opportunity to experience and enjoy learning in an outdoor classroom, experiencing the changes of the natural world around them.  Pupils are able to develop fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities and also develop practical skills. 


The outdoor environment offers many opportunities for children to play and explore using a range of different materials to construct structures or shelters at different levels. This offers different opportunities for children to problem solve, develop communication, teamwork and cooperation skills and role play. This is also an important opportunity for children to develop their independence, self esteem and growth mindset.


Outdoor learning can make learning come to life through multi-sensory experiences. enabling children to make meaningful connections between their experiences and the world around them. There are lots of opportunities to make links with the environment and for children to experience science and changes in the environment for themselves such as the changing of the seasons.


Using the environment for maths encourages the children to make accurate observations and spot maths in nature such as the beauty of shape, symmetry, colour, classification, order, patterning and quantity.