Golden Ticket – 13th October


In all of our classrooms now you will see our Learning Charters and the rights and responsibilities that we have agreed to make sure that we work well together as a team. We’ve been thinking about lots of different aspects of teamwork in our assemblies, whether it’s a dance group, workers in a factory, a sports team or even the way that animals work together as a team supporting each other in the wild.

The following children have shown us that they are role model team members, showing mutual respect and tolerance to everyone within their group and ensuring that together they achieve their absolute best.

Well done to …


Jayden – Grayling 1, Chloe – Meadow 1, Isabelle – Skipper 1, Oscar – Grayling 2, Melissa – Meadow 2, Harry – Skipper 2, Jack – Grayling 3, Molly – Meadow 3, Tom – Grayling 4, Ella – Meadow 4


Congratulations and enjoy your golden ticket treat!