Golden Ticket – 20th October


This week we took a journey back in time to 1215. With the aid of a 9 year old King Henry III, a French nobleman called Simon de Montfort and our understanding of democracy we found out all about the origins of the Magna Carta and how parliament began.

We had a think about the role that democracy plays in our lives and what it would be like to live in a country where democracy didn’t exist. The following children have shown us through their actions that they understand the importance of listening to the views of others and respecting the majority decision, even when this may not be their preferred choice.

Well done to …


Archie – Grayling 1, Benji – Meadow 1, Saphire – Skipper 1, Amelia – Grayling 2, Molly – Meadow 2, Tally – Skipper 2, Radmilla – Grayling 3, Layla – Meadow 3, Tyrese – Skipper 3, Isla – Grayling 4, Paige – Meadow 4

 Enjoy your golden ticket treat!