Golden Ticket – 22nd May


We finished our Jigsaw theme for this half term with a celebration of all those children who know how to make the most of their friendships. I think we could have filled the hall with Golden Tickets this week as Damers children always try their best to be ‘careful and kind’. Many children have shown throughout this theme how much they care for and respect others and how happy they feel to be cared for and respected too. Particular congratulations this week go to …


Ben BF, Izzy RF, Alex YF, Paige B1, Emily R1, Anna Y1, Caitlyn B2,

Zoe R2, Skye Y2, Amelia B3, Seren R3, Stanley Y3, Lilly-Mai B4, Poppy R4, Jasmine Y4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!