Golden Ticket – 23rd November



This week Reverend Clare joined us for our Monday assembly and helped us to think about the importance of friends when it comes to problem-solving. Through a simple story from the Christian bible, she encouraged us to think about the times when everyday tasks become a little difficult to do on our own. Tasks such as putting on your coat when you have a broken arm can be really tricky without friends around who notice that you are struggling and step in to help.

The following children have shown us that they are always sensitive to the needs of others and quickly step in to help, whatever the problem.

Well done to …


Arlo – Grayling 1,  Jack – Meadow 1, Albie – Skipper 1, Eve – Grayling 2, Ayla – Meadow 2, Annabelle – Skipper 2. April – Grayling 3, Lily – Skipper 3, Radmila – Grayling 4, Cameron – Meadow 4, Arlo – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Drumming Workshop!