Golden Ticket Winners – 24th Feb


We have started to think about the ways that we keep ourselves healthy this half term and the healthy choices that we face every single day. In assembly Mrs Smith showed us how many opportunities we had had that morning to make a healthy choice before we even arrived at school. We showed her how much we recognise that healthy choices can be linked to food, exercise, washing our hands or even what we say to our friends.
Well done to …

Archie & Eloise – Grayling F, Emily & Zachary – Meadow F, Mackenzie, Finley & Zahra – Skipper F, Alex – Grayling 1, Laila – Meadow 1, Liam – Skipper 1, Liam – Grayling 2, Ella – Meadow 2, Pheobe – Skipper 2, Thomas – Grayling 3, El-Ara – Meadow 3, Kai – Skipper 3, Dylan – Grayling 4, Danielle – Meadow 4, Tyler – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers cinema!