Golden Ticket – 27th June


pastedImage0This week we have been thinking about ‘Democracy’ as it has been a perfect week for us to see democracy in action through the EU Referendum, the Send My Friend to School campaign and our uniform consultation. We realised that democracy often comes with compromise and we have so many children in our school who are able share their views but also realise that if lots of others have different views that they may need to support someone else’s in place of their own.
Well done to the democratic …

Molly & Casey BF, Louise & Liam RF, Gemma YF, Tommy B1, Jake R1, Keiley Y1, Vlad B2, Charlie R2, Maria & Grace-Sarah Y2, Hope B3, Bailey Y3, Emma B4, Jiya R4, Lily-Mae Y4


 Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!