Golden Ticket Winners – 10th January



In assembly this week we decided to mark the start of a new decade with a focus on ‘dreaming big’. We used the launch of the Earthshot Prize to start to think about where we would be at the end of this new decade and travelled in time to the year 2030, imagining and proudly describing what we personally might have done during that time to repair and restore our beautiful earth.

The following children have shown us that they are determined to ‘dream big’ and to remain motivated even when things are more challenging. We are all very excited to see what they will achieve over the next decade with such a positive mindset.
Well done to …

Harry – Grayling 1,  Connor – Meadow 1, Arlo – Skipper 1, Rocco – Grayling 2, Olly – Meadow 2, Kaya – Skipper 2, Noah – Grayling 3, Lewis – Meadow 3, Zahra – Skipper 3, Alex – Grayling 4, Rachel – Meadow 4, Hari & Keenan – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!