Golden Ticket Winners – 10th November


This week we have been thinking about how to include other children, particularly in our play. We have all been very excited about the new playground equipment and have had great fun inventing games with our friends, but we have also noticed that there are sometimes children who find playtimes difficult.

We have all been on the lookout for any children who look sad or lonely at playtimes and have been finding ways to make them feel welcome and included in our games.

Well done to …


Imogen – Grayling 1, Chloe – Meadow 1, Jacob – Skipper 1, Jenson – Grayling 2, Sofia – Meadow 2, Jack – Skipper 2, Orland – Grayling 3, Jason – Meadow 3, Willow – Skipper 3, Sophia – Grayling 4, Tilly – Meadow 4, Fardin – Skipper 4

 You have all made someone smile this week. Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat.