Golden Ticket Winners – 12th May


In Damers we all understand the power of mutual respect and how important it is to be caring and kind. Sometimes this can be difficult though, particularly when we are trying to help our friends to resolve friendship issues and disagreements. 
The following children have shown us that they are the perfect ambassadors to promote mutual respect across our school. They are always eager to listen to both sides of a story and to find happy solutions when there are friendship problems.
Well done to …

Harry – Grayling, Aiden – Meadow, Riley – Skipper, Molly – Grayling 1, Reese – Meadow 1, Robyn – Skipper 1, Lucas – Grayling 2, Molline – Meadow 2, Jake – Skipper 2, Rocco – Grayling 3, Eloise – Meadow 3, Oliver – Skipper 3, Molly – Meadow 4, Olivia – Skipper 4

Enjoy your trip to the Damers Golden Ticket cinema!