Golden Ticket Winners – 13th June


Our Jigsaw focus for this half term is all about changes and this week we have talked about all the different changes that have happened to us in our lives so far and some of the changes to come. We’ve been looking out for children who have a really positive approach to these changes – whether it’s a move to a new class, new school, new house or a baby brother suddenly appearing!

Well done to …

Imogen & Olivia BF, Hana & Kai RF, Ella & Verity YF, Caitlyn B1, Merlyn R1, Finley Y1,

Vinny B2, Emmanuel R2, Ben Y2, Jack B3, David R3, Jessica Y3, Bailey B4, Tristan R4 and Toby Y4

All of these children have demonstrated a really positive attitude. Enjoy your surprise next week!