Golden Ticket Winners – 13th November


This week we have been thinking about how we should not only recognise the differences in other people but should also think about all the things that make us the same. We thought about dance and how all over the world, no matter what your culture or background, dance provides a way to communicate and to make people smile!

The following children have shown us this week that they make it a priority to include others, no matter what our differences, because at the end of the day we all want to belong, to smile, to feel safe and to learn. Well done to …

Charlie B1, Daisy R1, Annabel Y1, Rachel B2, Fardin R2, Daniel Y2, Ellie B3, Flo R3, Layla Y3, Amelia B4, Hugh R4, Luke Y4, Sam Blue Base

Enjoy your visit to the Damers Cinema!