Golden Ticket Winners – 13th Sept



This week we have been thinking about the impact of making others feel welcome and we found out a fascinating fact about brain activity. Did you know that doing something kind for someone else releases chemicals in your brain that affect your own wellbeing and make you feel calm and happy?

The following children have shown us that they are always focused on the kindness that they show to others and their happy nature shows us that this has a great impact on their wellbeing too.
Well done to …

Jenson – Grayling 1,  Felix – Meadow 1, Kieron – Skipper 1, Lily – Grayling 2, Marium – Meadow 2, Archie – Skipper 2, Isabella – Grayling 3, Aslan – Meadow 3, Felipa – Skipper 3, April – Grayling 4, Isla – Meadow 4, Jack – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!