Golden Ticket Winners – 14th October


We ended our first half term of the year with a celebration of the learning that has happened within our school since we came back in September. So many children have made a great start to their school year so it was difficult to select just one from each class, but the following children have shown us over the last seven weeks that they have a really clear understanding of the value of learning, how we learn and how we help others to learn too.

Well done to …


Harriet – Grayling 1, Thomas – Meadow 1, Cecily & Rosie – Skipper 1, Ben – Grayling 2, Tom – Meadow 2, Leo – Skipper 2, Sophia – Grayling 3, Anna – Meadow 3, Chloe & Callum – Skipper 3, Thea – Grayling 4, Daisy – Meadow 4, Olivia – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!