Golden Ticket Winners – 16th June


This week we have been looking out for children who can express how they feel when change happens. We had a think about some of the adults around us and what they could do when they were our age compared with what they can do now. We enjoyed guessing who was who from their school photographs and realised that no only do they look very different but also many very exciting things have happened to them as they’ve grown and changed. We wondered what would be said if someone was talking about us in the future …
The following children have shown us that they recognise that change brings some very mixed feelings but they welcome these feelings and can share them with others.
Well done to …



Ellie – Grayling Class, Leo – Meadow Class, Oscar –  Skipper Class, Maddie – Grayling 1, Gethyn – Meadow 1, Alfie – Skipper 1, Caitlin – Grayling 3, Kerri – Meadow 3, Ellie – Skipper 3, Jasmine – Grayling 4, Rhys – Skipper 4

Enjoy your afternoon tea with Mrs Smith!