Golden Ticket Winners – 16th March


Following our Eco Rep’s trip to London to accept their Jane Goodall ‘Roots and Shoots’ Award, we took a closer look at the life of Jane Goodall and the impact that she has had on people, animals and the environment. We were all so inspired by the work that she has done throughout her life, and continues to do at the age of 83, that we decided to promote the ‘Roots and Shoots’ ethos further in our school.

We started this week by focusing on a famous quote from Jane …

The following children have shown us that they try hard to ensure that they make a positive difference every single day to either the people around them, to animals or to the environment.

Well done to …


Reece – Grayling 2, Tabitha – Meadow 2, Jack – Skipper 2, Lois – Grayling 3, Trey – Grayling 4, Grace  – Meadow 4, Hugo – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!