Golden Ticket Winners – 17th June


All of us are thinking about changes at the moment whether it’s a move to a new school in September, a move to a new class or maybe something that has changed at home. Change affects us all in different ways and this week we have been thinking about how we make things feel a bit easier when a change is about to happen to us. The following children have shown us that they find that change becomes easier when you share and talk about your feelings.
Well done to …

Charlie, Aindow & Lexie BF, Jack, Gabi & Robyn RF, Molly YF, Will B1, Chloe R1, Harley Y1, Sam B2, Megan R2, Bradley Y2, Caitlyn & Joseph B3, Lorna R3, Oliver Y3, Hannah & Chantelle B4, Elliot R4, Finley Y4


 Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!