Golden Ticket Winners – 17th March


This week we have been thinking about all the choices that we make every day to keep ourselves safe. Whether it is how we walk around school, how we play in the playground, how we look after our bodies or how we use things like the internet, we are always trying our best to ensure that we ‘do the right thing’. This has helped us to understand the importance of one of our British Values ‘The Rule of Law’ and how certain ‘rules’ are there to keep everybody happy, healthy and safe.

Well done to …


Jayden – Grayling F, Joanna – Skipper F, Sophie – Grayling 1, Leah – Meadow 1, Kyle – Skipper 1, Kacey – Grayling 3, Maria – Meadow 3, Achsah – Skipper 3, Amy – Grayling 4, Ben – Meadow 4, Ella – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!