Golden Ticket Winners – 17th November


Recently we have celebrated Friendship Pal week and we have been thinking about changing the world with small acts of kindness. 
In assembly on Monday we found out all about Gandhi, a man who created much change in the world through kindness and peaceful protest and we were inspired by his words “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. So this week we have been determined to fill the world with kindness, knowing that each act of kindness sends out a ripple effect amongst our friends.
The following children send out regular ‘kindness ripples’ every day and have been perfect Friendship Pals this week …

Zoe- Grayling 1, Tao – Meadow 1, Isla – Skipper 1, April – Grayling 2, Danny – Meadow 2, Celine – Skipper 2, Lucas – Grayling 3, Jemima – Meadow 3, Ben – Skipper 3, Rachel – Grayling 4, Jack – Meadow 4, Megan – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket treat!