Golden Ticket Winners – 17th Sept


This week we have been thinking about how powerful words can be at times and the importance of using kind words when we can. In assembly Daniel and Isobel helped us to compare what we say with the act of squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. We realised that undoing unkind words is really hard, as hard as putting toothpaste back in a tube!

The following children have shown us that they always try their best to use kind words and to use the power of their words to make people smile …


Callum – Grayling 1, Rachael – Meadow 1, Jensen – Skipper 1, Jake – Grayling 2, Caitlin – Meadow 2, Natalie – Skipper 2, Thomas – Grayling 3, Jack – Meadow 3, Emily – Skipper 3, Rory – Grayling 4, Tyler – Meadow 4, Flo – Skipper 4, Blu – Copper Base 

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!