Golden Ticket Winners – 18th May



This week we have been looking out for children who know how to be a good friend and enjoy healthy friendships. 

We all recognise the importance of healthy friendships in our school but sometimes we need children like …

Jayden – Grayling 1,  Aslan – Meadow 1, Noah – Skipper 1, Lexi – Grayling 2, Kobi – Meadow 2, Cecily – Skipper 2, Ellen – Grayling 4, Eloise & Verity – Meadow 4 and Andy – Skipper 4


to remind us about what it means to truly be a good friend and to show us how to rebuild friendships when things go a little bit wrong.
Congratulations to you all and enjoy a Golden Ticket treat with a super group of friends!