Golden Ticket Winners – 18th Nov


Children across the country this week have focused on ‘anti-bullying’ and what we do in our lives to make sure that everyone feels happy and safe. At Damers we have called it ‘Friendship Week’ and both children and adults have all been given our very own ‘Friendship Pal’ to focus on. This has meant that some of us have made new friends and it has given us a chance to really think about how we make someone else feel valued and special. The following children have shown us that they know which key ingredients are needed to enable everyone in our school to ‘Choose Happy’!

Well done to …



Ryan – Grayling 1, Molly – Meadow 1, Cameron – Skipper 1, Isla – Grayling 2, Orson – Meadow 2, Jake – Skipper 2, Rhys – Grayling 3, Faith – Meadow 3, Megan – Skipper 3, Finley – Grayling 4, Mary – Meadow 4, Merlyn – Skipper 4

Enjoy your afternoon tea with Mrs Smith!