Golden Ticket Winners – 19th January


This week we having been thinking about the similarities between members of the Damers family and a bunch of bananas! Surprisingly we found quite a lot from their sunshine colour, their resemblance to a smile, their energy content, their transformation as they ripen, just like a butterfly, and most of all their ability to thrive in a bunch. 

Our bunch of bananas played an important role at the end of our assembly as we thought about the times when we thrive in a bunch and the times when we really need others to help us to face the challenges that sometimes stand in our way.
The following children have shown us how well they support their friends and how well they work together when challenges appear. Well done to …

Chloe – Grayling 1, Zach – Meadow 1, Riley – Skipper 1, Maddie – Grayling 2, Jamie – Meadow 2, Brooke – Skipper 2, Charlie – Grayling 3, Kelsey – Meadow 3, Freya – Skipper 3, Olivia – Grayling 4, Jack – Meadow 4, Ruby – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Cinema!