Golden Ticket Winners – 1st July


This week we have been thinking about all the exciting changes that are happening around us at the moment and how they make us feel. We all react to change in different ways, for some of us we feel excited straight away and can’t wait to move on to something new but for others it can take a while. The following children have shown us that they have a very sensible and positive approach to change …

Jack & Molly BF, Jensen & Nuha RF, Leah & Logan YF, Lucas & Damien B1, Tyrese R1, Isis Y1, Jack B2, Marley R2, Feba Y2, Nikita, Blu & Will B3, Ella R3, Freya Y3, Brennan & John B4, Morten R4, Scarlett Y4


 Enjoy your trip to the Damers Cinema!