Golden Ticket Winners – 1st May


Last week we were on the lookout for children who play a vital role in helping to find solutions when things go wrong with friendships. We used our playground toys as a focus for our problem-solving skills, looking out for children who were struggling to share or agree on the rules of a game. The following children showed that they have amazing problem-solving skills and that they are often seen spreading smiles and supporting friendships in our playground.

Well done to …


Ellierose & Yomna BF, Hamish RF, Kira & Kieran YF, Ellen B1, Kai R1, Fraya Y1, Amy B2,

Milosh R2, Lucy Y2, Austin B3, Murray R3, Robin Y3, Evan B4, Frankie R4, Oliver Y4

Mrs Smith is looking forward to afternoon tea with you!