Golden Ticket Winners – 20th April



This week has seen the start of out ‘Healthy Me’ theme and we have been looking out for children who make healthy choices. Whether it’s the way that they travel to school, their favourite snack foods or how enthusiastically they take part in their class ‘Daily Mile’, we have seen some shining examples of super-healthy choices throughout the school that have inspired us all!
Well done in particular to …

Robyn –  Grayling 1, Lewis – Meadow 1, Ava – Skipper 1, Kacey – Grayling 2, Carter – Meadow 2, Lily – Skipper 2, Daniel – Grayling 3, Harvey – Meadow 3, Ruby – Skipper 3, Carson – Grayling 4, Luke – Meadow 4, Oliver – Skipper 4

Enjoy your healthy Golden Ticket treat!