Golden Ticket Winners – 20th January


In our assembly on Monday we looked at the story of The Enormous Turnip to help us to recognise what we can achieve when we work as a team. Although each of the characters in the story struggled to pull out the turnip by themselves, together they were strong and the mouse proved to be the final bit of strength that they needed to pull out the giant turnip.

The following children have shown us that they always work well with a partner or as part of a group and that they recognise that every person has something to contribute to a team effort.

Well done to …


Isabella & Jaeden – Grayling F, Annabel & Seb – Meadow F, Morgan & Summer – Skipper F, Amy – Grayling 1, Tabitha – Meadow 1, Jack – Skipper 1, Orlando – Grayling 2, Benjy – Meadow 2, Lissy – Skipper 2, Filip – Grayling 3, Daniel – Meadow 3, Annika – Skipper 3, Cara – Grayling 4, Rowan – Meadow 4, Prentice – Skipper 4

Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!