Golden Ticket Winners – 20th May


Sometimes in school we fall over or maybe have a bump and there is usually an adult nearby that takes out their special green First Aid bag and makes us feel better. This week we have been thinking about what that special bag would contain if it had to help us when we are feeling sad or we are experiencing a different kind of hurt. We decided that there were some things that always help us to feel better when we are feeling sad – hugs, kind words, listening ears and children such as …

Amelia BF, Danny YF, Jay B1, Izzy R1, Molly Y1, Thomas B2, Ruby R2, Izaak Y2, Summer B3, Jayden R3, Darcy Y3, Morten R4, David Y4

who always show that they are kind and caring friends.

Well done to all and enjoy your afternoon tea with Mrs Smith!