Golden Ticket Winners – 20th September



This week we have been thinking about the word ‘Community’, what the word itself means and particularly what it means to be part of the special community that is Damers First School. We have also been thinking about the important role that children play in making our community an even better place.

The following children have shown us that they understand that what they do makes a difference to their community and that they think about the difference that they want to make every single day.
Well done to …

Talia – Grayling 1,  Zeke – Meadow 1, Louis – Skipper 1, Bella – Grayling 2, Reece – Meadow 2, Freya – Skipper 2, Jay – Grayling 3, Benji – Meadow 3, Saphire – Skipper 3, Jenson – Grayling 4, Ernie – Meadow 4, Leo – Skipper 4


Enjoy your Golden Ticket Treat!